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Effect of sound on nature [closed]

Are there any Studies or research on the effect of sound (MANTRA/BIJMANTRA) on human beings, or living beings? Can they be used for the treatment of diseases?
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Which scriptures forbid the chanting of beeja mantras without initiation?

It is often stated by many that Mantras containing beeja Aksharas should not be chanted without initiation. Are there any scriptures which mention this prohibition? And in case one does happen to ...
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1 vote
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Nama mantras for Devi Parvati in shaanta swarup without bija aksharashas?

Can someone list down some nana mantras of Devi Parvati which do not contain Bija aksharas,and that which meditate on Mother’s calm forms? Thank you.
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Importance of Kleem bija mantra in Kali Kula and Vaishnava Sect

Any acharyas here, please elaborate the Importance of Kleem bija mantra in Kali Kula and Vaishnava Sect. There are many Gopala mantras with "Kleem" beeja involved. At the sametime, ...
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Orthodox written form of Sanskrit character Kleem?

I'm preparing a Yantra with which one can do "inner" Tratak on Kleem during the Sadhana of Kleem. One needs to draw a triangle pointing downwards with Kleem inside of it. Now I'm not sure enough which ...
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3 votes
2 answers

How are Indra and Saraswati related, when the bijakshara Aim - (ऐं) related to both?

In spiritual realm bijaksharas have a vital place. Many mantras carry bIjaksharas, apart from the deity's name. For example: chamunda mantra “Om Aim Hreem Kleem Chamundaye Viche” In general Aim ...
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