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When is it okay to prostrate?

Which times is it okay to prostrate (lie down on the floor to bow)? Is prostration reserved alone for prayer, or are there other circumstances when it is done?
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Were there two Vijaya bows belonging to Indra at time of Mahabharata?

As seen in the answer here , Karna had Vijaya bow. Karna had obtained it from Parashurama, who in turn had obtained it from Indra. But it seems that Rukmi (brother of Rukmini) too had Vijaya bow that ...
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Was Pinaka bow made by Lord Shiva himself or by vishwakarma?

As per Valmiki Ramayana & Mahabharata, Lord Shiva had made a powerful bow to destroy the sacrifice of daksha. However it doesn't mention the name of that bow. So was that bow Pinaka or was it ...
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Why is the bow regarded as the foremost of weapons?

In this section of the Mahabharata, Nakula says: The bow, O grandsire, is regarded as the foremost of weapons in this world. My question is, what reason does the Mahabharata give for the bow being ...
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