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Questions tagged [brihat-parashara-hora-shastra]

One of the most important scripture related to astrology(Jyotisha) in Hinduism.

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Varaha avatar timeframe

In BPHS parashara states that, varaha avatar is from rahu. But rahu and ketu were created during the distribution of amrita, and king bali was present. Bali is the grandson of prahlada. But varaha ...
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What is the translation of the Brihat Parashar Hora Shastram (1932 edition)?

Help translate into English chapter 47, verse 26 — Brihat Parashar Hora Shastram Uttara Khand Khemraj 1932 Shri Krishna Museum Kurukshetra देहायासो मनस्तापो राजद्वारे विरोधकृत ॥ विदेशगमनं चैव तीथया...
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Effects of Retrograde Saturn posited in the 7th house

How does one get affected if Saturn is in the 7th House of Relationships, Marriage?. Also what happens if Saturn is Retrograde?.
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How many types of Dasa are there in total?

Although Vimosttari is popular and more applicable dasa among all, there are still may other type of dasa. Some of them are Astottari, Shodsottari, Dwadasottari, Panchottari, Satabdika, ...
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