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What is the proper procedure of celebrating new year?

Yesterday, it was seen how some Hindus were overexcited in celebrating the Christian New Year in a typical European fashion. Yet the same enthusiasm is absent while observing the Hindu New Year, which ...
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Why is Janmashtami always celebrated in the evening?

I read the post about why Janmashtami is celebrated on two different days. But why evening? Like people who give preference to ashtami thithi do it on 23rd Aug 2019 evening, while people who give ...
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When did Holi start being celebrated?

Wikipedia writes: The Holi festival is an ancient Hindu festival with its cultural rituals. It is mentioned in the Puranas, Dasakumara Charita, and by the poet Kālidāsa during the 4th century ...
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What is the origin of "Gudi Padwa"?

In Maharashtra, the New Year is celebrated with a holiday called Gudi Padwa. I had heard dark history behind it and I became speechless. So what's the truth behind Gudi Padwa?
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Do people from Karnataka celebrate uttarayan festival?

I am from North India. I live in Banglore right now. Uttarayan is a famous festival in North India. Do people from Karnataka celebrate this festival?
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Tripurāri pūrṇima festival story and its significance?

The other names of Tripurāri Pournami are Tripurī pūrṇima, Karthika Pūrṇima, Deva Deepāwali or Deva Diwāli, or Tripurāri pūrṇima. My questions are: - Why do we celebrate Karthika or Tripurāri ...
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How is Akshaya Tritiya celebrated?

Akshaya Tritiya is an important Hindu festival and I have seen people buying jewellery and other items on this "auspicious day". How is Akshaya Tritiya celebrated in the world? To be more specific, I ...
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