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Is their story inverse to Matanga based on illegitimate birth?

From this story in the Mahabharata ( Matanga who was thought to be a Brahmin by his cruel acts and nature was deduced to ...
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Can Shudras and Chandalas eat meat?

Brahmins are allowed to eat meat under some circumstances, while the other twice born castes too are allowed to eat meat under such and such circumstances, so where do Shudras and Chandalas stand here?...
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By performing what acts does a brahmin become outcaste?

I want to know about all the acts on doing which a brahmin becomes outcaste or chandala!
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What is purification process of chandala to change to shudra?

How chandala change his varna to shudra ? What purification process is mentioned in scripture ?
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Can Chandalas perform Shraddhas and offer obesences to their ancestors ? Can they do Panchamahayajnas? (Only as per Smritis Puranas Tantras etc )

A Sudra is allowed to perform Paka Yajnas without Mantras. Medhatithi in his Manu Smriti commentary 10.41 says Mixed Castes are of the nature of Śūdras,’—i.e., having the character of the Śūdra, they ...
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Were Caṇḍālas untouchables purely because they disposed corpses?

I have seen certain traditionalists on social media often suggest that Caṇḍālas may have been simply treated as untouchables because they disposed corpses which presented a health risk to other ...
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