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Is it true that by doing chairty one can get rid of his sin?

Is it true that by doing charity (giving daan) one can get rid of his sin ?
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Is intervening to prevent a charitable act a sin?

I once heard a religious practitioner (one who conducts Samskaras and so forth for lay Hindus) say that it is a sin to try to dissuade someone from giving charity. is it supported by scripture?
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Giving Daan from money earned through Trading in Stock Market?

I am currently trading in Stock Market Options. Its a sort of gambling where I earn small money through my predictions. As u know its legal as per my country law and am not hurting any one ...
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On receiving gifts and charity

Swami Vivekananda wrote the following commentary for Sutra 2.30 of Patanjali Yoga Sutras: Receiving is just as bad as stealing; receiving gifts from others. Whoever receives gifts, his mind is acted ...
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Did Bhima or Arjuna do any pure (not involving weapons and/or violence) acts of charity?

Do either Arjuna or Bhima ever do pure acts of kindness or charity? Not counting killing bad guys to help people, like the Bakasura case. The way Arjuna acted towards Ekalavya was inexcusable.
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Charity to someone married girl after puberty

Rishi Markandeya says below when listing 16 types of futile charities: The gift to one that has married a girl after the accession of puberty, to females, to one that sports with snakes, and to one ...
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