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Cārvāka (Sanskrit: चार्वाक), also known as Lokāyata, is a system of Indian philosophy that assumes various forms of materialism, philosophical skepticism and religious indifference.

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Are there formal refutations of the Charvaka criticism of the Shraddha ceremony?

Their argument is stated as below: If the Śrāddha produces gratification to beings who are dead, Then here, too, in ...
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Can anyone provide download/reading links of Charvaka Scriptures in English?

Can anyone send links of Charvaka scriptures in English to either read or download for free onine?
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What is the most logical argument can be given against charvakas materialistic philosophy by any astika school?

Charvakas believe in materialism and they reject almost every thing about spirituality, and they reject reincarnation, karma, Moksha, and God. So is there any good and logical arguments against this ...
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Do charvakas believe in reincarnation?

Do charvakas believe in reincarnation ? The thing is it is not fitting in quality standards so I have to write this. just ignore it
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Who are "they" in BG 16.8? Atheists? Cārvākas? Vaiśeṣikas?

Are these Bhagavad-gītā verses referring to a particular sect of people or addressing all bad people in general? Is verse 16.8 implying that those who don't believe in a god have no moral compass? 16....
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Who were the Carvakas?

Carvakas were one of the nastik schools of Indian philosophy. We are led to believe that Carvakas did not believe in authority of the Vedas, and they were alien to the concept of rebirth. I recently ...
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Why did Brihaspati establish Charvaka or materialistic philosophical Sect?

Brihaspati is DevaGuru, the spiritual Guru of the Gods. More so, He is the planet of Spirituality​. Brihaspati is the God of all knowledge and intellect. So Brihaspati could bring the philosophical or ...
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What do theistic hindus think of charvaka philosophy and why?

What do theistic hindus think of charvaka philosophy and why? What is the reason that it was not popular among people ? Is charvaka philosophy considered to be under the roof of sanatan dharma?
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What's the response to the Cārvāka thought on animal sacrifice in a yajña?

How did other schools of Indian philosophy respond to this argument by the Cārvākas with regard to animal sacrifice as part of a yajña? If a beast slain in the Jyotishtoma rite will itself go to ...
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Why is charvaka system considered wrong by Advaitins?

In this question I asked about philosophies and in the answer Be-Happy writes following lines But the warning is valid because apart from the accepted philosophy and systems there are also systems ...
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How can the ideology of Cārvāka exist within Hinduism?

Cārvāka (or charvak), which is a sub-ideology within Hinduism, contains highly conflicting ideals with the core religious views. For example, it's dominantly atheistic (and that sort of defeats the ...
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Have there ever been Hindu atheist/agnostic communities?

While there is a history of atheist/agnostic thought within the Hindu philosophical tradition, have there ever been actual communities of atheist/agnostic Hindus?
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