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Cārvāka (Sanskrit: चार्वाक), also known as Lokāyata, is a system of Indian philosophy that assumes various forms of materialism, philosophical skepticism and religious indifference.

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Have there ever been Hindu atheist/agnostic communities?

While there is a history of atheist/agnostic thought within the Hindu philosophical tradition, have there ever been actual communities of atheist/agnostic Hindus?
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How can the ideology of Cārvāka exist within Hinduism?

Cārvāka (or charvak), which is a sub-ideology within Hinduism, contains highly conflicting ideals with the core religious views. For example, it's dominantly atheistic (and that sort of defeats the ...
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What's the response to the Cārvāka thought on animal sacrifice in a yajña?

How did other schools of Indian philosophy respond to this argument by the Cārvākas with regard to animal sacrifice as part of a yajña? If a beast slain in the Jyotishtoma rite will itself go to ...
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Why did Brihaspati establish Charvaka or materialistic philosophical Sect?

Brihaspati is DevaGuru, the spiritual Guru of the Gods. More so, He is the planet of Spirituality​. Brihaspati is the God of all knowledge and intellect. So Brihaspati could bring the philosophical or ...
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Who are "they" in BG 16.8? Atheists? Cārvākas? Vaiśeṣikas?

Are these Bhagavad-gītā verses referring to a particular sect of people or addressing all bad people in general? Is verse 16.8 implying that those who don't believe in a god have no moral compass? 16....
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