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Who exactly is the progenitor of Kāyasthas?

It is firmly believed that the Kāyasthas are descendants of Lord Citragupta who's the scribe of Yama Deva. However, after going through the Skanda Purana's Chapter 139 - Greatness of Citrāditya (Citra-...
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Who exactly is Rājā Citra here in Rig Veda 8.21.18.?

Sanskrit text [Accents, Plain, Transliterated].: चित्र॒ इद्राजा॑ राज॒का इद॑न्य॒के य॒के सर॑स्वती॒मनु॑ । प॒र्जन्य॑ इव त॒तन॒द्धि वृ॒ष्ट्या स॒हस्र॑म॒युता॒ दद॑त् ॥ चित्र इद्राजा राजका इदन्यके यके सरस्वती...
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Does any scripture describe Chitragupta as a god?

I know that Chitragupta is Lord Yama's assisant and also worshipped in some places in South India. But, do any scriptures state that he is a deity?
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