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For questions about how Christianity relates to Hinduism. See also Christianity.SE.

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Hindu scriptures and Christianity

Now this question is controversial and keep in mind I am not a syncretist. However, to Hindu text mention any mysterious figure that possibly could resemble the figure of Christ? If not what about ...
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Is it sin when one sing prayer of other religion(if he goes to convent school)?

Vyasa says, '..The rejection of one's own creed, the practice of other people's creed, ......- these all have been pronounced by persons conversant with duties to be acts that no one should do.’ ...
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Christumatha Nirupanam is available in English?

The book Christumatha Nirupanam is available English translation
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how hindusim surviveed even though it was under external occupation [duplicate]

India was ruled by Islamic invaders and christian west. How come hinduism survives and continues to flourish ? the same happened in africa, america and australia. ony christianity and Islam survives ...
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Is the Star of Bethlehem mentioned in Hindu scripture? [closed]

I was watching a BBC program The Real Star of Bethlehem: A Christmas Special recently that tried to solve the mystery surrounding the Star of Bethlehem. The show concluded the "star" was most likely a ...
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Looking to learn about Hinduism?

I'm an American and a Christian, and I don't know a lot about it but I think Hinduism just seems really beautiful and intriguing. I've heard of Hindu Atheists and one person told me it's more a way of ...
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What are the main differences and similarities between the christian heaven and moksha [closed]

Hinduism and Christianity have few similarities. What are main similarities and differences in the concept of christianity heaven and Hindu moksha?For example how to get there? What does it mean to ...
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Why and how do Hindus celebrate Christmas?

Why and how do (some) Hindus celebrate Christmas? What have any modern Hindu Gurus commented on this practice? EDIT I don't think this is an opinion-based question. From What types of questions ...
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Do Hindus believe in Adam and Eve? If not, who is the first person (man or woman) in this world?

Does any Hindu scripture mention anything about Adam and Eve? According to Hinduism, who is the first person (man or woman) in this world?
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Young Jesus' India visit [duplicate]

Did Jesus Christ visit India when he was aged between 13 and 30? Is there any ancient record about his connection to life, culture or religion of India?
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Is Jesus really one of the disputes of Sidhas in Himalayas? [duplicate]

I came to know that Jesus in his childhood, in spite of giving respect to his father Joseph's words, came to India to learn magical talents and spirituality from Sidhas in Himalayas. After learning ...
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Is Hinduism the oldest among currently existent religions? [duplicate]

Reading more and more mythological stories, I realize that the first religion on earth is Hinduism.(Source1)(Source2) List of top religions: Hinduism Oldest of all (Also known as Sanatana Dharma) ...
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If God is one why is there isolation and why God allowed this? [closed]

We as Hindus(vedic knowledge) know that god is one and the variety in Hinduism are different representation of god him/her/it self. Same is the concept of Christianity the holy trinity is one god....
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Is there a ritual of "consent" for both the parties in a traditional Hindu marriage?

I have always noticed how a Christian wedding and an Islamic Nikaah both mandate that the consent of both the parties be given for the union to be sanctioned. However, I haven't seen anything similar ...
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Bhagavad Gita and views on other religions?

I love the Bhagavad Gita's take on everything and I am very pro-Krishnaism, however I am slightly confused on the Gita's view on other religions. Does the Gita claim that the "god" described in ...
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Are Christian practices deeply influenced from Hinduism

I am always intrigued by how similar the stories of Jesus Christ and Krishna are. Both had to take shelter from evil forces and both were brought up care taker parents. The only difference is Krishna ...
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Has Hinduism ever tried to enfold Christianity (or other semitic religions)?

I am currently reading Swami Prabhavananda The Spiritual Heritage of India (1962) and find it very clear and informative (better than e.g. Heinrich Zimmer's Philosophies of India so far). Early on it ...
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Did Jesus visit Jagannath Temple of Puri? [closed]

Levi H. Dowling wrote the book The Aquarian Gospel of Jesus the Christ. The title of section VI is: Life and Works of Jesus in India, here is an extract: "And Jesus was accepted as a pupil in the ...
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Is Jesus an avatar of Lord Vishnu?

I have heard that Jesus is an avatar of Lord Vishnu (or even a reincarnation of Krishna). Is this true?
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Can one be a Hindu that worships through Christ?

I see strong connections between Hinduism and Christianity. Would I be wrong to be a Hindu who has a Hindu approach to spirituality but I hail Christ as the supreme personality of the Godhead and ...
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Did Hindu scriptures predict Muhammad and/or Jesus?

There are some claims that ancient Hindu scriptures have mentioned Jesus Christ or the Prophet Muhammad. BBC - "Hinduism: Jesus in Hinduism" "Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) in Hindu scriptures" at Islam101 ...
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Does Hinduism acknowledge the existence of other religions?

Hinduism isn't a religion but a way of living. Koran and Bible both mention Hinduism, Islam and Christianity and treat Hinduism and themselves as a religion but nowhere in a Hindu text Hinduism is ...
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How has Christianity influenced Hindu thought or practice?

What are examples of Hindu philosophy or practice being influenced by Christian thought, tradition, or practice (e.g. the Brahmo Samaj)?
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