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Is there any personafiction to the colors?

Many deities are embodied many things, for example, Ganesha is the god of Beginning. But, is there any personafiction of colors? If yes, who is/are them and Is any details about them?
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What community of Brahmins have generally darker skin?

What community of Brahmins generally have darker skin? (I've seen some claims that varna is attached to skin color, and want to have evidence with which to possibly refute them.)
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What is the colour of Hinduism?

I'm curious seeing everyone, who identifies as "kattar Hindu", sport a saffron cloth on their shoulders as they shove their way into hostile muslim areas. I understand there can't be just ...
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Why is Mariamman sometimes depicted as having red skin?

Mariamman is a fertility goddess primarily worshipped in Southern India. My family in Coimbatore lives near one of her temples, and the last time I visited, I noticed that they'd changed the Murti. ...
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Did Kamadeva have green skin?

I've sometimes seen descriptions and depictions of Kamadeva (Kama) as having green-colored skin, as in this article. The picture in the link above shows it as dark green (this one does, too), while ...
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Is there any specific significance attached with green colored Hanuman-murtis?

Found this photo online, and this is unlike any color depiction of Hanuman, I have seen yet. Mostly, red or orange depictions, I have come across. Is this depiction a canonical one? Or based on any ...
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Any references to Vishnu and his other avatars like Kalki and Vamana being black or dark-skinned? [duplicate]

Most people are aware that Krishna was a blackish-skinned person. Lord Rama is also depicted as blackish-skinned. But I have also heard that black is shri hari Vishnu's skin color, despite his blue ...
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Colors of different varṇas: Is it their physical complexion or their qualities?

From here, is this Mahābhārata śloka and its translation really talking about (physical) complexion of people belonging to the four varṇas or just their outward behavior? If it's the latter, what does ...
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15 votes
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Is Lord Shiva dark in complexion?

We know that the complexion of Lord Vishnu / Krishna is dark (shyam varna) but what is the complexion of Lord Shiva, dark or white?
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Why are Hindu gods colored?

Shiva is white, Rama is sky blue, Krishna is black, Hanuman is Goldena and Gowri is red (red+white+yellow in fact) in color. Though the God is unique, He takes different forms with different colors ...
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Why are the black colored clothes avoided when visiting temple?

Why is that black color clothes are avoided or not allowed to wear in some temples? They are also avoided when Hindus celebrate festivals like Diwali, Navratri etc, generally on auspicious days I ...
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