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Devotee of Lord Vishnu and son of King Uttanapada and Queen Suniti.

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Does Gauḍīya-vaiṣṇavas believe that Prahlāda and Dhruva were devoted specifically to "Kṛṣṇa" & not "Viṣṇu"?

Both Dhruva and Prahlāda are cited as the two foremost examples of devotion, specifically within the Vaiṣṇava tradition. Mostly portrayed as having unflinching devotion to god Viṣṇu in his popular '...
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Is Dhruva portrayed as a devotee of Prajapati Brahma in any texts?

Dhruva is usually known as a devotee of Lord Vishnu. However, according to some of my relatives, Dhruva was a devotee of Lord Brahma. Do any text portray Dhruva to be a devotee of Lord Brahma?
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What boon did Lord Vishnu give to Dhruva?

I heard he got boon that after this life he will live in dhruv loka as king. But I have doubt on next point. As per my partial knowledge, Lord Vishnu said "You will live in dhruv loka and on time of ...
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When and at what instance Dhruva Maharaj fight with Yakshas?

Dhruva Maharaja fought with Yakshas. When and at what instance did this happen?
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