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Citation request for Ganesha's dhyana sloka

Recently I came across these statues of Gaṇeśa currently held in museums overseas. Statue 1 Statue 2 Statue 3 All of these statues were found in the northern parts of undivided Bengal, date around the ...
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Inspiration from the Gods- any examples today?

By meditating deeply on God/ gods, can we become more effective in our work and professions. Are there any examples today? That is important because we have to finish our job in best way, before going ...
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Narashimha as "Yoga Narashimha"

I have seen many Divya Desams (Divya Desam or Vaishnava Divya Desam is one of the 108 Vishnu and Lakshmi temples that is mentioned in the works of the Alvars) where lord Narashimha is mainly in Dhyana(...
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