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Remarriage in Sanātana Dharma

Marriage in Sanātana Dharma was or is never a personal matter instead it is a social matter and responsibility. We all know that, there is no concept of "divorce" in Hinduism. But somehow, our law ...
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Are there any instances in scriptures of husband & wife separated AND remarried, because of reasons accepted by shastras?

In this question about remarriage, the reasons for a husband leaving a wife, or a wife leaving a husband, are listed. Are there any actual examples in Smriti of this happening - where husband ...
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Does Hinduism believe divorce and remarriage is moral? [duplicate]

Does Hinduism believe divorce and remarriage (while the divorced spouse is still alive) is moral?
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Sterility of man in Vedic times

So within dharmashastras, it is generally accepted that the man may marry a second time without abandoning the first wife if she doesn't produce sons or is infertile, but if the man is infertile and ...
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