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A sage, partial incarnation of Lord Shiva.

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What does thirteen numbers refer to in 'Parashambhu Mahimna' stavam by Durvasa?

Recently I came to know about the existence of the following stavam named 'Parashambhu Mahimna' written by Durvasa. I want to know the importance of the numbers and what they refer to in the stavam. ...
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How could Airavata already exist before his creation in the Samudra manthan?

For me, the Samudra manthan is one of the most fascinating tales in world religion. I'm confused about an incident from that story. When Indra's vahana, Airavata, destroyed Durvasa's flower garland, ...
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Durvasa's curse on Shakuntala

Kalidasa details about Durvasa's curse on Shakuntala, which makes Dushyanata forget about her. But Mahabharata, in this translation, does not talk about it. Are there any other scriptures which talk ...
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Story where rishi Durvasa cursed Mother Saraswati

In particular, I'm looking for the story, where rishi Durvasa cursed mother Saraswati, because he couldn't pronounce something that lord brahma had taught him and mother Saraswati laughed at him when ...
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Are aggressive sages like Durvasa not true sages?

In our scriptures, there are plenty of sages like Durvasa who were very aggressive. They cursed many people on very small mistakes. He cursed King Abarisha just because he had some water before ...
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What makes Durvasa a monk?

If the monk Durvasa gets so agitated easily how can he be a monk because monks remain so calm all the time. Ex - Buddha, Ramkrishna etc So, what makes Durvasa a monk?
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Why Lord Krishna's feet became vulnerable? [duplicate]

From this answer, Brabrika had an arrow that could find the vulnerable spot(s) of a person and was able to find Krishna's vulnerable spot that was His feet's sole. The ash fell on the hair of ...
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What scriptures describe Kapila, Panchashikha, and Durvasa carrying Sanyasi staffs?

The Satadhusani is a work by the Sri Vaishnava Acharya Vedanta Desikan consisting of 100 refutations of Adi Shankaracharya's philosophy of Advaita. One chapter of the work is devoted to refuting the ...
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Were Nara-Narayana cursed by Sage Durvasa?

According to the adherents of the Swaminarayana sect, Nara-Narayana, the twin-pair avatara of Lord Vishnu, were cursed by Sage Durvasa which supposedly led Nara-Narayana to incarnate as Sahajanand ...
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What is the story of Durvasa having Payasa in Krishna's house?

After I wrote this answer I came across this fact from the Mahabharata about Krishna. Endued with great energy he then sat down on the bare earth. He had thought before this of everything that ...
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