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How can a working class Hindu practically do sandhyavandanam thrice a day?

Sandhyavandanam is prescribed thrice a day for Brahmins, Kshatriyas and Vaishyas. Back in the day one could perform Sandhya thrice a day. But now after Hindus have diversified and left their ...
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Can you read the Upanishads without yagnopavit?

Some translated versions of the Upanishads are available widely and read by non dvijas as well. Can I read a Hindi translation?
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Who is the twice born Purusha?

This video is the recital of the Narayan Suktam. From 0:25-0:29,the translation reads: O Living One ,comparable to the twice born Universal Truth,Purusha.. Can someone please explain this concept of ...
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I'm a Bhumihar Brahmin(18),my father a Kaushik and mother a Bharadwaj by Gotra(Read the body)

I'm 18, as far as I know the Upanayana has to be done when the child is 8, I'm 18, is it too late for me to go through one? I'm a medical student as of now, and I come from an upper middle class ...
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Any reason for calling people, who had undergone Upanayana samskara without realisation, as dwija?

Rig Veda 8.6.10 says I from my Father have received deep knowledge of the Holy Law I was born like unto the Sun. If we ponder over deeply, we can understand that it is talking about spiritual re-...
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Is there more than one interpretation of "twice born"?

I recall: interpretation 1: the twice-born become twice-born when the undergo upanayana. interpretation 2: the twice-born were human in their previous incarnation also. Are both interpretations ...
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What are the duties of Dvija-Bandhus?

According to the book "Hindu Dharma" by Sri Sri Chandrashekarendra Saraswati: If the Gayatri has not been chanted for three generations in the family of a Brahmin, its members lose caste (they ...
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