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Is Rama giving contradictory justifications for killing Vali?

I have been stuck at the Vali sarga for over a week now because there was something here that was bugging me the cause of whom I now seem to have recognised. Rama justifies the reason of killing Vali ...
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Are husbands required to give up their lives to save their wives?

Is a husband required to sacrifice his own life, if needed, to save his wife's life? Are there any scriptures commanding this, or any scholars dealing with this question?
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Instances and recommendations by Hindu Scriptures of higher castes working for the welfare of lower classes as public servants

In this rather biased and hinduphobic video spreads misinformation about Hinduism a lot, saying it was cruel and completely ignored the wellbeing of lower classes and exploited who were eventually ...
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Do stories, such as Prajapati having intercourse with his daughter or creating cattle out of his sperm, have any scriptural basis?

The stories mentioned in the question are from the reference below. Do these stories have any scriptural basis, and if so, I would like to understand the ethical concerns/dilemmas regarding these ...
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As a Hindu, can I feed other people beef?

I am a volunteer who helps feed elderly and disabled people. They choose their meal from the cafeteria, and I feed it to them. My role (which I recently began) has led me to a dilemma. As a Hindu, I ...
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Do Hindus yell at their gods?

I was watching a Norwegian documentary on religious and non-religious young people in Norway. There were two young Hindu girls who were describing what it is like to be a Hindu. I was surprised to ...
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“You don't strike a woman even with a flower”

There’s a proverb “You don’t strike a woman even with a flower” (or … (your) wife …; at least “ženu ani květinou neuhodíš” in Czech language/culture — there's also a comedy movie based on that). ...
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Is watching movies immoral according to Hinduism?

Is watching movies immoral according to Hinduism? Please provide reference to scriptures. If not then what kind of movies are permitted? EDIT: I meant to ask references to scriptures which talk about ...
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How Can An Animal Accumulate Karma?

If we take into consideration the behavior of certain animals whose intelligence and perception are radically different from our human perspective (e.g. a flatworm , a jellyfish or even an Amoeba) ...
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Ethics of Advaita Vedanta

How is the problem of metaphysical, natural and moral evil resolved within traditional Advaita Vedanta?
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What is the moral stance towards milking of animals/cows?

The chief function of lactation is to provide nutrition and immune protection to the young after birth. Consuming milk of the mother (e.g., cow), meant for her offspring strikes to be a heinous deed. ...
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Is sexual activity by *devadasi* sanctioned in Hinduism?

In a YouTube comments discussion between an American Christian and myself, he keeps bringing up the immorality of devadasi being forced into sex work. I know that such activity is illegal in India. I ...
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How was Pandava deceit sanctioned?

Throughout the Mahabharata the Pandavas are praised for their devotion to religion. But, on more than one occasion they remain safe because they dress as, and pretend to be, Brahmins. They did this ...
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Is it ok to paint Hindu deities even though you are another faith

There are a mix of Hindus and Sikhs in our family. Am really fascinating by Ramayana, Mahabharata, what Hinduism really is (philosophy, way of life) I am more comfortable and gravitate towards ...
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Is there any shloka in scriptures, which says "justice for all"

Is there any shloka in scriptures, which says "justice for all" (sabhi ke liye samaan nayaya) ? Quotes from vedas will be preferred, but any other scripture will also be good.
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intolerance -- as per hindu scriptures, tolerance of the intolerant person or ideology is right action or not?

As per hindu scriptures, tolerating the intolerant person or ideology upto what level is right action ? Should an ascetic on path of meditation, react back with same reverse action ?
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Do the Vedas have 'commandments' similar to the bible? (E.g., does it forbid murder?)

I hope not to offend, but I should admit that I don't intend to read the entirety of the Vedas to find whether or not it forbids murder, rape, lying, hypocrisy, etc. As I am sure you are well aware, ...
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What do Hindu scriptures say about gambling?

Is gambling considered righteous or is it a sin? Are Kshatriyas allowed to gamble? Do Kshatriyas have accept a gambling invitation compulsarily? (The Mahabaratha answer seems to say so) Is ...
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How sexual relations with multiple partners affect us? What are after effects of promiscuity?

I want to know how promiscuity affects us? How it binds? What are the after affects of making many sexual partners? I think Runanbandha sheds light on this? I want to know the hinduism point of view?
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What are the Hindu Code of Conduct (Ethics)?

Codes of Conduct or Ethical codes are very essential norms, rules and values that guides the right living practices and standard behaviour for individual as well as social welfare. For example Code ...
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Which text(s) detail the ethics of how to treat beings lower than Man?

In the question, I mean lower in terms of their capacity for Pramana. (please state your criterion when answering if it is different than this). This definition thus includes all plants and animals. ...
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Is Euthanasia considered morally right?

Is Euthanasia considered morally right? Is it acceptable under certain conditions, for example, if a person is in extreme pain?
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Is painless killing a form of himsa?

It is clear that killing anything by paining body is himsa. That's why many people in Hinduism(especially Brahmins) generally do not prefer to eat animal food. My doubt is whether killing an animal(...
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