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Kakbhushandi's different versions of epics

How can there be multiple version, with different outcomes like, Pandavs losing etc. If that was the case, how would there be yug parivartan? Plus, doesn't it go against that time is helix?
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Does God in Hinduism have foreknowledge of everything?

If yes, wouldn't that mean no one except God has free will?
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Is there a conflict between free will and samskaras (innate tendencies)?

According to the theory of Karma, we carry our qualities to the next life. There is a famous verse in the Upanishad that as a caterpillar reaches the end of a blade of grass, it curls and collects its ...
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What is the role of deliverer and his free will in the law of karma

In discussions about karma they talk about free will of individual, the subject who is at the receiving end but not about the deliverer who may be involved. Suppose say, I was about to be subjected to ...
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Does our Kuṇḍalī reflect our past lives and the karmas?

Well, most of us are well aware of this very basic doctrine of Karma. As you sow, so shall you reap. As I discuss in this answer, Chandrashekhara Bharati Swaminah, who was known to be a Jīvanmukta, ...
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Ramana Maharshi and Free Will

I have been listening to a Q&A session with David Godman in which he states that Ramana believed that everything in our lives is predetermined from birth and that we only have two choices to ...
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Theological determinism

Jai Sri Ramakrsna! How do we change our ways under theological determinism? If we are determined to carry out actions as part of our nature, how can we desire a change, even? If someone says to pray ...
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Is marriage an act of free will or an act of destiny? [duplicate]

I would like to understand the point of view of our scriptures on this topic : Is marriage an act of free will or an act of destiny? If we consider swayamvar of Rama and Sita, it definitely qualifies ...
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