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Are there any references in Hindu texts which talks about women performing last rites of the deceased?

I want to know what the shastras say on women performing the last rites of the deceased of their family.
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Identification and souce of this mantra about sati in this Bengali movie 'Antarjali Jatra' (The voyage beyond)?

Mantra chanting timestamped About Film: Antarjali Jatra, based on a story by Kamal Kumar Majumdar, is set in 1832, just after sati was abolished in Bengal, later adapted into a critically acclaimed ...
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Funeral for Varna Sankar वर्ण संकर?

How does a Varna Sankar perform funeral of his parents ? Will they be stuck in preta yoni ? Can they be given Pind Daan ? Please give sashstra reference, as far as possible.
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How to follow Hindu Funeral Ritual in USA with following constraints

How to follow Hindu Funeral Ritual in USA with following constraints I am female, and only child of my Father. He wants me (not Priest, etc) to light the funeral pyre and he says paying more than $...
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Who performed the funeral rites of Pandavs? Are their souls still "stuck" on Earth?

In Mahabharat, what happened to the dead bodies of Pandavs & Draupadi? I think towards the end while climbing some mountain one after the other they all get tired, fall to the ground and die. Did ...
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Did Ram die by commiting suicide? And who performed his last rites?

Towards the end of Ramayana (Uttar Kand) we are told that King Ram along with several citizens of Ayodhya die by submerging in a river. Does this act count as suicide? Also, what happened to Ram's ...
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Pandu's dead body cremation

After Pandu's death, the rishis gathered and... The ascetics set out that very moment, taking with them those children and Kunti and the two dead bodies When they reached Hastinapura they said: ...
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Can cremation be done after sunset? What do scriptures say about the timing of cremation?

A recent news report says that the dead body of a rape victim was cremated by Indian police very late in the night: "We wanted the last rites to be performed according to the Hindu traditions. ...
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Cremation by child whose parents alive

is it allowed for a son to perform cremation and related samskaras when his father is alive? If a man's father in law dies and that person didn't have sons, as soon in law, he steps up. But can be do ...
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Are there some bhajans particularly appropriate for mourning a loss?

In Buddhism there are some sutra chanted typically at a funeral. Hindu bhajans are more musical than mere sutra chanting, but are there some bhajan culturally linked to mourning the loss of a loved ...
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Can electric cremation be considered as a valid substitute for the funeral pyre?

What are the reasons specified in scriptures, behind the traditional funeral? are those reasons not fulfilled by Electric cremation?
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What should a Hindu son do after the death of his father? [duplicate]

I am the youngest son of 3 brothers and my father passed away yesterday. I went to the temple yesterday to seek the help of a pandit for funeral and cremation, when at the temple he mentioned that I ...
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Why ashvalayana ghriya sutra dictates that bones of cremated person should be buried

Generally In hindu funeral people cremate(for non sanyasis)the dead and on the third day people collect ashes/bones, and throw them into river also known as Asthi sanchaya. The asthi sanchaya rite ...
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