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Why ashvalayana ghriya sutra dictates that bones of cremated person should be buried

Generally In hindu funeral people cremate(for non sanyasis)the dead and on the third day people collect ashes/bones, and throw them into river also known as Asthi sanchaya. The asthi sanchaya rite ...
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Funeral for Varna Sankar वर्ण संकर?

How does a Varna Sankar perform funeral of his parents ? Will they be stuck in preta yoni ? Can they be given Pind Daan ? Please give sashstra reference, as far as possible.
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Are there some bhajans particularly appropriate for mourning a loss?

In Buddhism there are some sutra chanted typically at a funeral. Hindu bhajans are more musical than mere sutra chanting, but are there some bhajan culturally linked to mourning the loss of a loved ...
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How to follow Hindu Funeral Ritual in USA with following constraints

How to follow Hindu Funeral Ritual in USA with following constraints I am female, and only child of my Father. He wants me (not Priest, etc) to light the funeral pyre and he says paying more than $...
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Are there any references in Hindu texts which talks about women performing last rites of the deceased?

I want to know what the shastras say on women performing the last rites of the deceased of their family.
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