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Does any scripture give reasons for non-inclusion of Neem leaves in the list of 21 leaves for Ganapati puja?

Today is Sri Ganapati chaturdhi. After performing the puja, I got the following doubt. The List of 21 types of leaves used for Ganesha puja, is as follows. These leaves are stated to have medicinal ...
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Brahman versus Ishvara for the 5 or 6 main forms

Vishnu, Shiva, Ambika, Ganapati, Skanda, and Surya are five forms of Brahman or Ishvara. If they're five forms of Ishvara how can they marry, start famillies with themselves?
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What sort of creatures are the Vinayakas?

As stated here, there are a number of different creatures mentioned in scriptures, one of them being the Vinayakas. As per the answer, they are described as: Vinâyâka(विनायक): Malefic spirits ruled ...
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Dhumra Ganapati in Dhumavati Sadhana

I am seeking a deeper understanding of Dhumavati Sadhana. In this mahavidya there is Dhumra Ganapati to be worshipped before. I'm seeking more resources about this form of Ganapati and it's mantras. ...
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