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Can we chant the Hanuman Chalisa outside of the temple?

I have taken up chanting Hanuman Chalisa during my daily puja and have been doing it for some time now. But recently I came across an article that says, to never chant Hanuman Chalisa anywhere else ...
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Did Sita Mata posess Siddhis/Riddhis

Did Sita Mata possess the eight siddhis and nine riddhis, which she gave as a boon to Lord hanuman (as noted in Hanuman Chalisa)? If she did possess, then why did she not escape from the hands of ...
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Does the Hanuman Chalisa require Guru Diksha for it to be effective?

If one wants to chant the Hanuman Chalisa does that particular individual need need to undergo Guru Diksha?
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Can Shudras listen to/chant the Hanuman Chalisa?

Can Shudras read/chant/listen to the Hanuman Chalisa?
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What are the authentic verses and source of Shri Hanuman Chalisa?

Many people chant Hanuman Chalisa, which was written in Awadhi language by Shri Goswami Tulasidas like it given here. But recently many people have started saying this is not the authentic version, ...
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Do different stotras for same god have different effects?

Do different stotras for same god have different effects? For example, if I want to recite stotra for god Hanuman, should I recite Maruti Stotra (in my mother tongue Marathi, written by Swami Ramdas) ...
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Hanuman Chalisa is written in which dialect?

I am fascinated by the language used in Hanuman Chalisa and I have couple of questions related to Hanuman Chalisa. I hope someone will surely help me know them. Who wrote Hanuman Chalisa and what ...
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What gives the "spiritual - theological authenticity" to modern compositions like Chālīsās & ārtís?

Hanumāna Chālīsā is by far, one of the most popular devotional hymn to a God. It's authorship is credited to Tulsídāsa, although few other sources might also call it as a later interpolated addition ...
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Is there any esoteric meaning of Hanuman Chalisa?

Is there any esoteric meaning of Hanuman Chalisa ?
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What is the English translation of Hanuman Chalisa?

I have recited this Chalisa since I was a child and although I have understood the meaning of some parts of it, I would love to get the meaning of the entire prayer. Here is the full text for ...
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