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How much region can be controlled by performing Rajasuya?

It has been mentioned in Mahabharata that two kings: Yudhistira and Harishchandra performed Rajasuya. Control of how much region will be gained by performing Rajasuya? Will it cover the whole earth ...
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Who is the Lord of Obstacles - Vighnaraj?

The Markandeya Purana mentions the following story about Harishchandra's tryst with Brahmarishi Vishwamitra in the forest: In Treta Yug, there was a king named Harishchandra. Once he was hunting in ...
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Clarification about Ikshvaku lineage

As per story, Raja Harishchandra was 33rd descendant of Ikshvaku family. Bhagiratha was 44th and Rama 63rd. Raja Harishchandra worked on ghats of Benares cremation grounds on banks of Ganga but Ganga ...
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How is betting against one's wife and selling one's life partner justifed in Hinduism?

How is it justified that Harishchandra sold his wife, or that Pandu's sons bet against Draupadi in the Mahabharata? FYI - They were never charged (at least I don't find any reference) for this - for ...
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