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Meaning of these verses from Nyaya Sutras?

(4.1.19) Ishvara is the cause, since we see sometimes human action lacks fruits (results). (4.1.20) This is not so since, as a matter of fact, no fruit is accomplished without human action. (4.1....
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Is there any tradition of anagogical interpretation in Hinduism?

The word “anagogical” is used by Christians to describe one of the four senses of interpreting biblical scripture, historical, allegorical, moral, and anagogical. The anagogical sense was about ...
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Why is the Shyena yajna adharma?

The Shyena yajna is a sorcery ritual in the Vedas meant to kill others. According to the followers of Mimamsa and other schools, this ritual is considered "adharma" because it causes ...
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