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Is Eka Nadi Dosha does not exist for the boy and girl born in the Rohini and Uttara Ashadha Nakshatras

I entered Boy and Girl horoscope details in website to check whether marriage is compatible or not. In one website, i got it is not compatibe to due eka nadi dosha but in another it showed eka nadi ...
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How does this affect one’s Nakshatra?

I have Purvabhadrapada as my moon. And I am really trying to learn about this deity and ajaikad. I have a good side and a bad side. My anger is bad and impulsive. And I have bad clots and issues with ...
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The correct table for vashya matching

What is the current table for vashya matching. Surfing around the internet I found like 5-6 different tables for vashya matching. Which one is connect ?
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Can an eclipse cause bad to certain Horoscope signs

I recently saw a video in which few horoscope signs and birth stars are warned before a lunar eclipse, That this lunar eclipse might cause great problem to them? Is it mentioned that lunar and solar ...
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Can the planets (graha) in the birth-chart in "Mrit Avastha" be activated through wearing gemstones?

My ascendent is Scorpio (Vrischik). I have Mars in the 4th House in Aquarius, the Sun, the Moon, and Venus. As per the Vedic chart, my mars is in 'mrit avastha'. When I consulted, I was advised to ...
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Is the birth details or Janam Kundali or horoscope of Sri Krishna mentioned in any Scripture?

Is Sri Krishna's authentic Janam Kundali or birth details (date of birth, place of birth and time of birth) available? Is it mentioned in any Puranas or any scripture?
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Effects of Retrograde Saturn posited in the 7th house

How does one get affected if Saturn is in the 7th House of Relationships, Marriage?. Also what happens if Saturn is Retrograde?.
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Moola Nakshatra and Aslesha Nakshatra Myths

One who believes in horoscopes and especially during the time of match making, they strictly look into these factors before proceeding towards gana count and manglik. It is said that Moola Nakshatra ...
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Does an astrologer get karma by reading someone's horoscope and suggesting remedies?

I have heard this from an astrologer that they get negative karma by reading horoscopes and suggesting remedies because they help in delaying the results of bad karma for a person. Have you heard of ...
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Can one change their destiny from which is there in astrological predictions?

Sometimes astrological predictions(Jathakam) is entirely bad thought out the life. Some astrologers tell this person's life is always doomed. Can he/she change it in the present life itself by doing ...
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Can aatmakaaraka be considered while match making

I have not heard any astrologer take into account the aatma karaka planet while doing horoscope matching for bride and groom. But in my experience, aatmakaraka planet's behaviour is very much visible ...
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Can Grahas be influenced willingly?

So based on how Sanjay Rath defines, a Graha is something that causes Grahana. Or in other words, they eclipse (Not in a necessarily negative way) the houses they sit on and force the Jataka to do ...
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Shani's good and bad effects when he is placed in various houses

As I heard, Shani does bad only when he is placed in particular house. What are the good and bad effects of Shani in the various houses of our horoscopes?
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How is bodily complexion determined from the horoscope of the native?

I was reading in an Astrology related magazine, that it is determined from the exalted planets. So, we need to check which planet is exalted in the chart and the complexion is determined from the ...
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KalaSarpa Dosha - A Myth or Reality in Astrology?

What exactly is the Kala Sarpa Dosha or Yoga? Does it actually exist in Vedic astrology? According to Astrology, what is the mystery behind this?
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What is the oldest scripture that mentions horoscope?

I've seen conflicting views about horoscope being true by some great people like Vivekananda. I want to know how old the tradition of horoscope is. I want to know the oldest scriptures that mentions ...
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The factors that should match for a couple to live a happy life?

In Hinduism, what all horoscope poruthams (matching factors) are required for a couple to get married? Please let me know the minimum criteria ? If the horoscopes don't match properly, are there any ...
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How are Daily Horoscopes Written?

How are daily horoscopes written and published in newspapers and magazines? Can they be same for people under one zodiac sign (i.e rashi)
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Correct horoscope of Lord Rama and Ravana

Where can I the find correct horoscope of Lord Rama and Ravana?
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What is actually there in Bhrigu Samhita?

I have heard that there is a book called Bhrigu Samhita somewhere in Hoshiyarpur, India, which can tell about any person's past, present and future births based on his/her janam kundli (astrological ...
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What is the panchang to be used when generating a horoscope?

When generating a horoscope for a person, what is the Panchang to be used? There are two major panchangs, Vakya and Thirukanitha (Tamil name; I don't know what it is called in other states). Out of ...
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What is the significance of Kundali in Hindu Family

When a baby is born in Hindu family the very first thing they do is prepare a Kundali of that child. In that Kundali they draw a chart like From this Kundali the future of that guy is predicted. It ...
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