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A religious song or poem of praise to God or a god.

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Is Shiva Sankalpa Suktam also a Khila Sukta of RigVeda?

Khila Suktas of RigVeda are those Suktas which are associated only in Baskala Shakha of RigVeda and not in Sakala Shakha. For eg. Sri Suktam of RigVeda is also a Khila Sukta. Shiva Sankalpam Sukta is ...
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Are there any eulogies and prayers to Brahma?

Brahma is doubtlessly a most important God in Hinduism. He is the Creator of the Universe in the Trinity of Shiva Vishnu Brahma. Just because Shiva banished Brahma's worship, and it is said that ...
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What's the meaning of these verses of 'The Horse' hymn in RigVeda?

Here are the two verses in question from Rigveda Book 1 Hymn 163 यदक्रन्दः परथमं जायमान उद्यन समुद्रादुत वा पुरीषात | शयेनस्य पक्षा हरिणस्य बाहू उपस्तुत्यं महि जातं ते अर्वन || Here's the ...
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What gives the "spiritual - theological authenticity" to modern compositions like Chālīsās & ārtís?

Hanumāna Chālīsā is by far, one of the most popular devotional hymn to a God. It's authorship is credited to Tulsídāsa, although few other sources might also call it as a later interpolated addition ...
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