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What is the difference between Sada-Shiva (सदाशिव) & Maha-Sada-Shiva (महासदाशिव)? And which scriptures discuss their iconography? [duplicate]

God Sada-Shiva (सदाशिव) is depicted as a five-faced deity, with 10 hands and 15 eyes. As per Kamikagama he must be of white color, as shown below - Sadashiva (सदाशिव) While God Maha-Sada-Shiva (महा...
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Which scriptures give details about 'the Vaiṣṇava Ekapāda equivalent form' of Viṣṇu?

There's a very famous form of god Śiva known as 'the Ekapāda or Ajaikapāda', in which Śiva is shown to be standing just on one foot, while Brahmā & Viṣṇu are shown to emerge from his Right and ...
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Explain the ‘ many Lord Vishnu’s ‘ [duplicate]

I don’t understand this picture. From what I have heard,this is a depiction of how innumerable Universes are formed and released from His pores,when the central Lord Vishnu exhales,and return back in ...
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Closeness with spouse/family among the Trimurti

I am asking this question purely on a pictorial stance. Lord Brahma (And Mother Saraswati): Picture of both of them closest that I got is this: Now to Lord Vishnu: Here is a relatively more close ...
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