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Questions tagged [indrajit]

Questions regarding Indrajit a.k.a Meghanada, the son of Ravana.

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How was Indrajeet as a person and are there any similarities between indrajeeta and Arjuna in their accomplishments?

Indrajeet, the son of Ravana , was considered to be the most prominent and dominant warrior of treta yuga, being the only person to get the entitlement of atimaharathi. So,the interest to know more ...
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What were the boons/curses received by Indrajit?

some questions relating to Indrajit's killing: (1) Could he only be killed by someone who didn't sleep for 14 years? did that person also have to be celibate for 14 years? (2) Would he have become ...
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did Indrajit tell Ravana that Rama was Narayana himself? In this (In Hindi) episode Indrajit tells Ravana that when he fired them at Lakshmana, Brahmastra, Pashupathastra and Narayana chakra only saluted Lakshmana ...
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Why did Hanuman say that he can't liberate himself from Indrajit's Brahmastra?

When Indrajit fired Brahmastra towards Hanuman, Hanuman say he has no capacity to liberate himself from Brahmastra. Here is the quote from Sundara Kanda Sarga 48. "I have no capacity to liberate ...
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Who is Nikumbila devi?

Who is the devi Nikumbila worshipped by Indrajit through tantric rites. Is she Maa Pratyangira or a local Lankan deity?
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How many son(s) and daughter(s) did Vibhisana and Indrajit have?

Did Vibhisana have any son and daughter? and Did Indrajit have any son and daughter? Any mention in Ramayan? Did Vibhisan have any son/daughter after marring Mandodari?
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Previous births of Indrajit and Meghavāhana

Just then a muni, named Aprameyabala, who had four kinds of knowledge, came to the garden Kusumāyudha. In that same place at night his brilliant omniscience appeared and the gods held an omniscience-...
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What were the special powers of MeghanAda?

Ravana's son MeghanAda was believed to possess mighty special powers and siddhis which made him almost impossible to defeat. These shaktis also made it difficult for lord Rama's army to defeat him. ...
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What is the story behind the name of Indrajit?

What is the story of Indrajit (Meghanada) who defeated Indra and hence received his title.
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Atimaharathi class of warrior: Was Parshurama one of the Atimaharathi?

As per this link, Parshurama belonged to the Atimaharathi class of warrior, the only other being Meghanaada. But some other links like this mentioned Parshurama as Maharathi. Is there any relevant ...
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How could Lakṣmaṇa's mantra to kill Indrajit really work?

Some folks consider the following śloka uttered by Lakṣmaṇa to be the mūla-mantra of Vālmīki Rāmāyaṇa. धर्मात्मा सत्यसन्धश्च रामो दाशरथिर्यदि || ९०-६-७१ पौरुषे चाप्रतिद्वन्द्वस्तदेनं जहि रावणिम् ...
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Why didn't Indrajit use Brahmastra against Rama and Lakshmana in the main war?

Indrajit was capable of using Brahmastra as he did against Lord Hanuman in Ashoka Vana (this incident is narrated in Sundara Kanda) Question: Why didn't Indrajit use the Brahmastra against Lord ...
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What Astras were used by Indrajit?

I've read many differing stories, but exactly what Astras did Indrajit know how to use?
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