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For questions about how Islam relates to Hinduism. See also Islam.SE.

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I found a claim that sama vedas 2 6 8 says : "Ahmad acquired religious law from his lord....." And muslims say that ahmad refers to the islamic muhammad what do you think ? I am confused
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Were saints like Ramakrishna Paramhansa, Kabir, and others frauds because they said Hindus and Muslim pray to the same God

Let's be honest, the Hindu God is very VERY different from the God of Abraham that Jews, Christians and Muslims follow. Our God is a peaceful, compassionate, understanding and calm God while Abrahamic ...
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Bhavishya purana talks about Muhammad but what does it say about allah?

I found that bhavishya purana talks about Muhammad not about allah. In quora one say that shiva will be known as allah but not sure about it.What does hinduism think about allah? I hope my hindu ...
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How do Hindus refute the Muslim belief that the Quran is Apaurusheya? [closed]

Just like how Hindus believe the Vedas are Apaurusheya, Muslims also think that their Quran is Apaurusheya. This is a traditional belief of Islam: Createdness refers to the Islamic doctrinal position ...
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how hindusim surviveed even though it was under external occupation [duplicate]

India was ruled by Islamic invaders and christian west. How come hinduism survives and continues to flourish ? the same happened in africa, america and australia. ony christianity and Islam survives ...
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If everything happens as per one's past karma, then why we decry Islamic invasions of India and resulting plunder of our heritage? [closed]

There's a lot of angst and regret over what happened in last thousand years, but considering that India is country which gave karma principle to world, so why say "something bad happened to us." We ...
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Is Sai Baba a Hindu lord or a Muslim?

Was Sai Baba a Hindu lord or a Muslim? If he was a Hindu, then why did he distribute non-vegetarian food as prasada to people?
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How come Ramanujacharya's Sri Bhashya does not mention Islam?

Chapter 2 of Ramanujacharya's Sri Bhashya, which is his commentary on the Brahma Sutars, attempts to refute all other opposing philosophical schools that don't adhere to Vishishtadvaita Vedanta, such ...
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Correct translation of Prati Sarga: Part III, 3.3.5-27 of Bhavishya Purana [duplicate]

Using these verses, Muslims often say Muhammad is predicted in Hindu scriptures. I provide Roman transliteration for all of the verses: mahamadh ithi khayat, shishya-sakha-samniviyath 5 ...
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Was Lord Shiva first messenger of Islam? [closed]

Some Muslim leaders say Lord Shiva was the first messenger of Islam Is it true or just a rumor being spread amongst the people?
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Is there anything against Islam in Hindu texts?

Is the Hinduism v/s Islam fight new or has been going on for generations? Is there a mention of Islam in ancient Hindu texts like the Vedas?
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Who is Allah according to Hinduism?

Who is Allah according to Hinduism? What do Hindu scriptures say about Allah? Are there any references to him in Hindu scriptures? BTW, I saw some blogs stating Shukracharya as Allah and all Muslims ...
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Is Hinduism the oldest among currently existent religions? [duplicate]

Reading more and more mythological stories, I realize that the first religion on earth is Hinduism.(Source1)(Source2) List of top religions: Hinduism Oldest of all (Also known as Sanatana Dharma) ...
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Is every born child a Muslim and belongs to Islam? [closed]

Few months back I asked a question about Why Muslims want to convert non Muslims to Islam on Islam Stack Exchange. All the answers I got was totally disappointing and doesn't answer my question. I ...
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Is there a ritual of "consent" for both the parties in a traditional Hindu marriage?

I have always noticed how a Christian wedding and an Islamic Nikaah both mandate that the consent of both the parties be given for the union to be sanctioned. However, I haven't seen anything similar ...
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महामद is not Islamic Muhammad, its a Sanskrit word and it has its own meaning? [closed]

I visited many of non Hindu sites that they argue that Prophet Muhammad is mentioned in our(Hindu) scriptures and they mention some sloka , I find one sloka in Bhavishya Purana that they mention in ...
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Bhagavad Gita and views on other religions?

I love the Bhagavad Gita's take on everything and I am very pro-Krishnaism, however I am slightly confused on the Gita's view on other religions. Does the Gita claim that the "god" described in ...
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Can Islamic beliefs be accommodated into certain sect of Hinduism?

Islam is a strict monotheist faith like Judaism and Sikhism, and we also find support of monotheism in the Vedas to the extent that there are some sects which prohibit idol worship among the Hindus. ...
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Is anything available in hinduism history about the incident of karbala?

I have seen many Hindus who call themselves as hussaini brahmins who worship Imam hussain and his 72 companions. So is the incident of Karbala present in any historical books of Hindus? The thing ...
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Did Hindu scriptures predict Muhammad and/or Jesus?

There are some claims that ancient Hindu scriptures have mentioned Jesus Christ or the Prophet Muhammad. BBC - "Hinduism: Jesus in Hinduism" "Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) in Hindu scriptures" at Islam101 ...
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Does Hinduism acknowledge the existence of other religions?

Hinduism isn't a religion but a way of living. Koran and Bible both mention Hinduism, Islam and Christianity and treat Hinduism and themselves as a religion but nowhere in a Hindu text Hinduism is ...
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