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In Hindu epic Mahabharata, Jarasandha (जरासन्ध) was the king of Magadha.

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What is the significance of the number of times Jarasandha attacked Mathura?

From the scriptures, we know that Jarasandha attacked Mathura 17 times and was defeated each time. Finally, on the 18th attack (along with Kalayavana), Lord Krishna moved the Yadavas to the island ...
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What is Jarasandha's military force according to BORI's Harivamsa?

According to this chapter of that version of Harivamsa, the military force of Jarasandha in his attacks on Mathura consisted of the kingdoms of Hastinapura, Videha (capital of Mithila), Bahlika, Chedi,...
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Why is Jarasandha considered so bad?

This is something that I have been asking for some time, as far as I know, Jarasandha conquered many kingdoms, was an ally of many kings and ruled all of India. Sure, I know about his human sacrifice, ...
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What does Krishna running away from Jarasandha signify?

It is a well-known fact that Krishna is also known as "Ranchor", a name he earned after running away from a battle with Jarasandha. But, how is it that the same Jarasandha was defeated by Karna? So,...
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