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Why only humans become ghosts but never any other organism?

Why only humans become ghosts/returning spirit, while there are uncountable organisms dying but never turn ghost. Is it because of the subconscious mind and it's strong memories to achieve something ...
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How to co-relate Atman with Kundalini?

Vedanta philosophy states that samâdhi is obtained by realising one's identity with the soul(âtman) separate from the body & mind. Tantra philosophy, though not denying the existence of âtman ...
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Relationship between Jiva and Sukshma Sharira

It is my understanding that the Jiva-Atman is the same as the Atman, it is just this all pervasive consciousness reflected in a body and seemingly trapped in Samsara (correct me if I'm wrong). But I ...
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Need help on Gita chapter 13 verse 22

It is mentioned in Gita ch. 13 verse 22, that the supreme purusha (paramatma) is a upadrashta (witness), anumanta (permitter), bharta (supporter) and bhokta (experiencer). I agree that It is a witness,...
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