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Vedic Versus that Justify the Difference Between Various Types of Matter

I have been reading the following Wikipedia page on Dvaita Vedanta and came across the five great differences, two of them being the following: Between matter and jīvātman. Between various types of ...
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What is the difference between jiva and atman [duplicate]

Im pretty confused about this topic. I have read many answers to it on the web and every one is different. One says that they are the same, other say that the jiva is the mind and body while atma is ...
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Why only humans become ghosts but never any other organism?

Why only humans become ghosts/returning spirit, while there are uncountable organisms dying but never turn ghost. Is it because of the subconscious mind and it's strong memories to achieve something ...
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How to co-relate Atman with Kundalini?

Vedanta philosophy states that samâdhi is obtained by realising one's identity with the soul(âtman) separate from the body & mind. Tantra philosophy, though not denying the existence of âtman ...
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Relationship between Jiva and Sukshma Sharira

It is my understanding that the Jiva-Atman is the same as the Atman, it is just this all pervasive consciousness reflected in a body and seemingly trapped in Samsara (correct me if I'm wrong). But I ...
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Need help on Gita chapter 13 verse 22

It is mentioned in Gita ch. 13 verse 22, that the supreme purusha (paramatma) is a upadrashta (witness), anumanta (permitter), bharta (supporter) and bhokta (experiencer). I agree that It is a witness,...
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