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Questions regarding Kaikeyi, mother of Bharata and Queen of Dasharatha.

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In her second boon, why does Kaikeyi say नव पञ्च च वर्षाणि (nine and five years) instead of चतुर्दश वर्षाणि (fourteen years)?

Revealing her second boon to Daśaratha, Kaikeyī says "नव पञ्च च वर्षाणि" (nine and five years) instead of चतुर्दश वर्षाणि (fourteen years). Is this just Vālmīki's play of words or is there a ...
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Who was Dasharatha's second wife?

Who was Dhasharatha's second wife? Sumitra or Kaikeyi? Some tell it is Kaikeyi but others say it is Sumitra. Please clarify.
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Why did Kaikeyi send Lord Rama on Vanvas?

The most popular story is that Kaikeyi's maid poisoned her mind. Due to this, she sent Lord Rama on a Vanvas. Although, I heard a different story in a Katha recently. The story goes like Lord Rama ...
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