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Questions tagged [kaikeyi]

Questions regarding Kaikeyi, mother of Bharata and Queen of Dasharatha.

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Rama advises Lakshmana not to speak ill of Kaikeyi and instead of speak well of Bharata - what is the original verse?

In the Ramayana, Lakshmana is praising Bharata and blaming Kaikeyi. Rama stops him and asks him to simply praise Bharata, but not blame Kaikeyi. Which verse was this?
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In her second boon, why does Kaikeyi say नव पञ्च च वर्षाणि (nine and five years) instead of चतुर्दश वर्षाणि (fourteen years)?

Revealing her second boon to Daśaratha, Kaikeyī says "नव पञ्च च वर्षाणि" (nine and five years) instead of चतुर्दश वर्षाणि (fourteen years). Is this just Vālmīki's play of words or is there a ...
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Who was Dasharatha's second wife?

Who was Dhasharatha's second wife? Sumitra or Kaikeyi? Some tell it is Kaikeyi but others say it is Sumitra. Please clarify.
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Why did Kaikeyi send Lord Rama on Vanvas?

The most popular story is that Kaikeyi's maid poisoned her mind. Due to this, she sent Lord Rama on a Vanvas. Although, I heard a different story in a Katha recently. The story goes like Lord Rama ...
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