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For questions related to Mount Kailash, which is considered as the abode of Lord Shiva in Hindu scriptures.

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Where Lord Shiva used to reside during the time when the Himalaya did not exist?

We know that the Himalaya range was formed out of the Tethys. We also know that Lord Shiva's abode is said to be the Mount Kailash. So, where Lord Shiva used to reside before Himalaya was formed?
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Is there a scripture that refers to the circumambulation (kora/parikrama) around Mt Kailash?

Hi I am researching the religious reason behind the walk around Mt Kailash and am looking for some hindu text that refers to the salvation they receive from taking part in the walk.
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In Ramayan, where is it mentioned that Atikaya held the trident of Lord Shiva?

There is a story that says that once Atikaya went to Kailash and for some reason Lord Shiva got angry and he released his powerful trident on Atikaya. However, Atikaya caught hold of the trident and ...
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What scriptures describe juice coming from Ganesha's cheeks covering Kailash?

The Sankalpa Suryodaya is a play by the 13th century Sri Vaishnava Acharya Vedanta Desikan. At one point in the play, a king goes around the world in a Vimana looking for a good place to meditate. He ...
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At what speed time runs in Kailash with respect to other parts of earth?

Does the time run at the same speed on Kailash (the place were Shiva lives) as on other parts of earth ? Or Does the time at different speed at Kailash ?
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