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Kaivalya Siddhanjanam by Puttur Swamy

Does anybody have a copy of the Kaivalya Siddhanjanam written by Puttur Swami? Some of its content, including the reason for the existence of Kaivalya is being described here in the Tamil language by ...
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How do Advaitins respond to the Vishishtadvaitic argument that attaining the state of Kaivalya does not lead to liberation?

In this Vishishtadvaitc work called Siddhanta sangraha, the author Sri Shailacharya, a Vishishtadvaitin of the Rāmānuja school argues- One who is interested in kaivalya-bhoga is included in amumukṣu ...
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What are the outcomes of Kaivalya and Sayujya mokshas according to Gaudiya Vaishnavas?

As discussed here, the Upanishads describe the state of Kaivalya as the detachment/seperation of the Self from Prakriti. According to Advaitins, Kaivalya is said to be the ultimate state/moksha ...
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Is Kaivalya only way for Soul to go back to it's original nature of infinity?

We have four types of Moksha - Salokya, Sarupya Samipya and finally Kaivalya. Even in Yoga tattva upanishad - Lord Vishnu talks about Kaivalya Moksha is the way to be free from influence of Maya. So ...
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