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Kali is the ferocious form of Durga, created to slay a demon called Mahishasura. She got the name Mahishasuramardhini for this. She is black in appearance and wears a garland of skulls.

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In which scriptures can we find the original stories of the Mahavidyas?

The Dash Mahavidyas are an enigmatic group of goddesses worshiped majorly in the Tantrik disciplines but except Kali, the origins of most are unclear. In which scriptures can we find more about the ...
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What is the relation between Dash Mahavidyas and Dashavatar?

Various Tantrik texts like Mundamala Tantra and Todal Tantra mention the Dash Mahavidyas in respect to the Dashavatar. For example in Todal Tantra CHapter 10 we find the following declaration: "...
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What is the story of "Kali Maa"?

Will anyone please tell me the origin of Kali Maa? What is the relation between Shiva and Parvati?
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Is the ritual of killing an animal as offering to Maa Kali correct?

I personally believe that a mother would never ask someone to kill her own children; moreover she would ask to kill the wrong and the negative things within each individual. I have been told in my ...
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How did Tripura Sundari come into existence?

As Wikipedia says: Tripurāsundarī (त्रिपुरा सुंदरी - "Beautiful (Goddess) of the Three Worlds") or Mahā-Tripurasundarī ("Great Beautiful (Goddess) of the Three Worlds"), also called Ṣhoḍaśhi ("...
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Why do we see Lord Shiva under the feet of Mother Kali?

Shiva doesn't exist without Shakthi. Shiva and shakthi are one. I recently visited a temple of Mother Kali. I was purplexed to see lord shiva in a smiling face is under the feet of angry Mother Kali. ...
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Why Divine Mother's (Kali) tongue is out of mouth?

Why always it is seen Maa Kali's tongue out side from mouth ?
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Why is goddess Kali shown topless?

We've often seen in many photos that Goddess Kali is topless or half-nude. What is the meaning of this image? Is this image questioning Hinduism's morality level?
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Why householders are advised not to worship fierce forms of Kali?

Why are householders advised not to venerate fierce forms of Kali? I was told by those who follow the shakti tradition that householders should not honor the angry forms of Kali. Why is this?
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Why are buffaloes sacrificed during Maa Kali's Puja?

First of all, this isn't meant to hurt anyone's sentiment. In which scripture, is the ritual mentioned? Secondly, is it allowed to take the meat in the form of prasad? Why or why not? [1] Edit (4/...
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A question about blood sacrificial acts in Hinduism

I am a Hindu who is a devotee Sain Sacho Satram Das (my Satguru) whose faith is fairly strong but has a fair amount of questions about Hinduism. I believe that I will get answers to all of them on ...
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What scripture descibes the story of Goddess Kalikrishna?

According to this website, there is a place in Bengal where Goddess Kaali is worshiped as Lord Krishna and Her name is KaliKrishna. It says, once Radha was caught by Her husband when She was with Lord ...
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What is the difference between Dakshina Kali and Guhya Kali?

What is the difference between Dakshina Kali and Guhya Kali as per the Tantric Scriptures? Did Goddess Kali assume the Guhya Kali form to slay any demon? One image of Guhya-Kali from one famous ...
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Could someone perhaps direct me to info regarding Smashan Kali & Guhya Kali?

I'm looking for scriptural info about Guhya Kali and Smashan Kali with translations if possible (Yogini Tantra and the like.) As in what the Tantra background/stories are for these forms of Kali, and ...
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Exact relation between lord shiva and goddess Kali?

I know lord shiva had two wives(actually one). One is Sati and then Parvati(incarnation of Sati). Now in hinduism lots of places we find that Kali is also a wife of lord shiva. However I don't find ...
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How to do Prana Prathishta of Maa Kali Idol?

I am preparing to do the Prana Pratishtha of maa kali idol. Please help me to Prana Pratishtha of Maa Kali Idol.
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Amavasya Kali Puja

Another question from beginner level here, if anyone might have info : Ok, so I knew some people a while back who kept Kali puja & vrat every Amavasya. So like twelve-thirteen times a year, I ...
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