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Kalidasa addressing Devi as "my daughter"

In Syamala Dandakam (of Telugu Kalidasa movie at 3 min 22 secs) he refers to the Devi as sanu_MatPutrike. SyamalaDandakam Can he address a goddess that way in a Stotram ? Is it by the power bestowed ...
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Ancestry of Bharath

In Mahabharat, Menaka on deputation from Indra to attract Vishwamitra unwittingly made themselves grand parents of a later brave Bharata King through Shakuntala.. So mythologically seen, the Kuru ...
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What is the story of Pushkaravarta clouds that cause Pralaya?

I came across this term while reading the Meghdootam by Kalidas. Pushkaravarta is the name of the flood clouds of the world-destroying deluge. This commentary on the book states: Indra is the king ...
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Anecdote about KalidAsA [closed]

I'm reading this famous anecdote about KalidAsa, the great Indian poet. However it is written in Sanskrit and so, I have certains gaps in my interpretation. Here's how I've interpreted the story in ...
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Kalidasa on good and bad people

Kalidasa supposedly wrote this verse in the poem Megadootam. मनस्येकं वचस्येकं कर्मण्येकं दुरात्मनाम् | मनस्येकं वचस्येकं कर्मण्येकं महात्मनाम् || manasyEkam vachasyEkam karmaNyEkam ...
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