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Questions tagged [kamadeva]

Kāmadeva (Sanskrit: कामदेव) is the Hindu god of human love or desire.

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Is Krishna (or Vishnu) also called as Kaamshantak?

Is Krishna also called as Kaamshantak ? Or Is it the name of Vishnu ? If not who is called as Kaamshantak (somone who pacifies lust ) ? I think Shiva is the one who killed Kamadev once. Also Kamdev in ...
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What was the body of Kama made of?

Kāmadeva is perhaps the only deva who was resurrected from the dead. Generally, resurrection of the dead occurs in the same body. But in the case of Kāmadeva, his original body was burnt down by ...
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Did Kamadeva have green skin?

I've sometimes seen descriptions and depictions of Kamadeva (Kama) as having green-colored skin, as in this article. The picture in the link above shows it as dark green (this one does, too), while ...
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Who resurrected Kamadeva (Manmatha)? Was it Shiva or Goddess Tripurasundari

It is said that after Kamadeva was burnt to ashes, Ratidevi was devasted and took to penance. Kamadeva is restored in Ananga form. The land where he is restored is known as Kamarupa (as per the ...
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Is it sin to sleep with a prostitute before marriage being a shudra? [duplicate]

Being a shudra, I'm eager to know whether sleeping with a prostitute is considered as a sinful act in hinduism.
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What is story behind Shiva burnt kamadeva (Manmadha) to ashes? [duplicate]

I never heard this story before, but I'm curious to know about this. Why Shiva burnt kamadeva (Manmadha) to ashes? What is the story behind it?
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Was Krishna's son Pradyumna a rebirth of Kama or of Sanatkumar?

SECTION LXVII of the Sambhava Parva of Mahabharat mentions the various gods and demons who incarnated in human forms as characters of Mahabharat. There's something that I noticed and would like to ask ...
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Is Sambhoga (sex) the need of the body or soul as per Vedas?

I am not sure if there is an explanation to this question in Vedas or not but it came to my mind because we have often heard about 'KaamDeva' in mythological stories and what was expected of him when ...
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If Narayana is father of Kaama, then why should we disregard lust, sex, et cetera?

Krishna is also called KandarpaJanaka, meaning the father of Kaama. Moreover Kaama Himself is a God. So why are we constantly told to shun lust, sexual desires et cetera. Please note, that I am not ...
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On use of contraceptive methods and enjoying sex-life without being kandarpa

Kandarpa is a person who only uses his sexual power to beget good children from his dharmapatni or wife. So for being a kandarpa, a person can only have sexual contact with his wife for having ...
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How was the world running after Kamadev's death?

Tarkasur had a boon by Lord Shiva that he could be killed only by Shiva's son. Devtas assigned Kamadeva to stop Lord Shiva's meditation and create love in his heart, so that as a result Shiva's son ...
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Is Kamadeva (Manmatha) still alive or dead?

I heard a story about Kamadeva, here it is: While Lord Shiva was doing deep meditation, Kamadeva disturbs him by inducing love and desire into Shiva, which caused disturbance to Shiva and made Shiva ...
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