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Did all Brahmin ancestors come through Kashmir , Gandhara or North West?

There are documents mentioning the migrations of the Brahmins. Does this mean all Brahmins came from the North? What about GSB saraswats? Are Gurjaras pancha dravida or pancha gauda?
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What's the story of goddess Khīr Bhavānī / Kheer Bhawani (खीर भवानी) of Kashmir?

Khīr Bhavānī (खीर भवानी, क्षीर भवानी या राज्ञा देवी ), literally means - ‘‘Goddess who eats khīr,’’ or rice pudding, is a very popular deity in the Kashmir regions of India, whose temple stands on an ...
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Which Goddess is this whose idols were discovered recently in Kashmir?

There was recent news about the accidental discovery of two idols of Devi Durga in Kashmir, one of which has been dated 1200 years old while the other is 1300 years old. 1,200-year-old Goddess Durga ...
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Was Kashmir reffered to as mleccha by the rest of India?

Upon reading the Mleccha page of Wikipedia there is a section which says: Later Vedic literature speaks of the western Anava tribes as mlecchas and occupying northern Punjab, Sindh and eastern ...
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the problems with an unchanging Atma in Advaita Vedanta?

The Samkhyas,wich influenced every major Hindu theology,asserted a static cause.a static Cause is logically unfathomable,and if it were the case that a static cause could exist,its effect to would be ...
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