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Questions tagged [kashyapa]

Questions about Rishi Kashyapa, one of the Saptarshis who are seers of Vedas

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Why is the hierarchy of Kashyapa different?

As I was listening to a talk, I found out that Jatayu and Sampati are grand children to Kashyapa. After doing some research over Kashyapa, I found out that one of the wives to Kashyapa, Kudru has ...
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Are there two Kashyaps

Kashyapa is one of the Saptarishis to whom several important texts such as the Kashyapa Samhita (on Ayurveda) is attributed. Then there is Kanada, who is the father of the Vaisheshika school of Hindu ...
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Is Sage Kashyapa mentioned in the Vedas?

Sage Kashyapa was a great Sage. Is he mentioned in any of the four vedas.
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How can Sage Kashyap marry daughters of Daksha, even they are parallel cousins?

I found a really interesting discussion named Father of Indra, which I never thought about the birth of Indra and Sun god. Credits to the user. Here my question is, according to sanatana dharma it ...
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