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Does narasimha kavacham require upanayanam?

Is it true that some stotras from puranas require upanayana?
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What are some kavachas you use?

There are so many Kavachas available. I am interested in finding out which ones you use? If you use multiple ones depending on the scenario, I would love to know the details too.
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What is the scriptural source of the Banalinga Kavacham?

The Banalinga Kavacham is as follows: बाणलिङ्गकवचम् अस्य बाणलिङ्ग कवचस्य संहारभैरवऋषिर्गायत्रीच्छन्दः, हौं बीजं, हूं शक्तिः, नमः कीलकं, श्रीबाणलिङ्ग सदाशिवो देवता, ममाभीष्ट सिद्ध्यर्थं जपे विनियोगः ॥ ...
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Are there any rules to be followed while chanting Devi Kavacham?

I used to read the Devi Kavacham from Saptashati daily but stopped as I was unaware of the rules and was not formally initiated into it. Are there any prescribed rules? Also, can someone share the ...
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2 answers

Does RgVeda support the view that Brahma, Vishnu, and Mahesh are names of the same Brahman the Absolute?

Why should Brahman the Absolute love to be called by three, and only three, different names? Do they Really love to be called so? Are Brahma, Vishnu & Mahesh names of the same God? Why should God ...
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1 answer

Who are these creatures/entities - Sahajā, Kulajā, Mālā, Ḍākinī, Śhākinī (From Devī Kavacham: Durgā Saptaśhati)?

The Devī Kavacham (from Durgā Saptaśhati) protects us from Sahajā, Kulajā, Mālā, Ḍākinī, Śhākinī. सहजा कुलजा माला डाकिनी शाकिनी तथा। अन्तरिक्षचरा घोरा डाकिन्यश्‍च महाबलाः ॥ ५०॥ Sahajā Kulajā Mālā ...
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1 answer

Durga Kavach - Please confirm the correct version

I've been asked to read Durga Kavach daily. Until now, I was reading this: But today ...
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What is meant by Kavacha?

There are Kavachas for several gods and goddess. Is it a mantra? If yes, then which mantras falls into the category of Kavacha? If no, then what is the exact (scriptural) definition for Kavacha?