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Protection from Kalki's wrath and re-establishment of Varnashrama

As discussed here: Definition and ritualistc rights of vrAtyas in the present day, it is clear that there are no pure Kshatriyas and Vaisyas today (there may have been at the start of Kali, but ...
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Were there only Brahmins in Satyuga or in remote past ? Were all Varnas created from Brahmins?

Were there only Brahmins in the past ? Were all other Varnas created from Brahmins ? How did it happen ?
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How really was the Satayuga?

We all know there are 4 Yug. Satayugs, TretaYuga, DwaparaYuga, and Kaliyuga. Through Ramayan, we got to know more about TretaYuga, through Gita we got to know about DwaparaYugs, and we are living in ...
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what happens at the end of kaliyugas in other mahayugas?

in the present mahayuga at the end kalki will come to establish righteousness and transform from kaliyuga to satyuga. but this incarnation of lord Vishnu is only for this time. how is the transition ...
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Statements regarding manual labour in Satya yuga

According to Hanuman, there was no manual labour in Krita yuga. The following in a excerpt from the discussion between Bhimasena and Hanuman that contains the statement of absence of manual labour ...
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How much was the population in Satya yuga?

As we know in Satya yuga people lived for about 1 lakh years. Then how many years they spend in childhood, at what age will they become adults? At what age usually they were married ? Also, what ...
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