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Why Does the Avadhuta Gita 1.36 say that The Absolute truth is devoid of Both Duality and Nonduality?

While Going through the Avadhuta Gita recently, I came across the following verse. Avadhuta Gita 1.36:- Some seek nonduality, and others duality. They do not know the truth, which is the same at all ...
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Are shudras and women not allowed to chant Aum i.e Pranava?

Are shudras and women not allowed to chant aumkara? I heard many purohits and one great saint say that. Is there any scriptural basis? Please give the reference of scripture for such injunctions. I ...
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Did Adi Shankara view the Tantras as authority in regard to Hindu scriptures?

Did Adi Shankara accept the Tantras as authority when it comes to Hindu Scriptures? And more specifically did he accept the Kularnava Tantra?
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