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Kumbhakarna (Sanskrit: कुम्भकर्ण, lit. pot-eared) is a rakshasa and younger brother of Ravana in the Indian epic Ramayana. Despite his monstrous size and great hunger, he was described to be of good character, though he killed and ate many monkeys just to show his power.

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Who is the "Narayana" valmiki is comparing Kumbhakarna to? स काञ्चनं भारसहं निवातं | विद्युत्प्रभम् दीप्तमिवात्मभासा | आबध्यमानः कवचम् रराज | सन्ध्याभ्रसम्वीत इवाद्रिराजः || ६-६५-३० Secured ...
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Were Meghnada and Kumbhkarna aware that they were supporting adharma?

In Ramayana, Vibhishana was wise enough to know that Ravana was doing adharma and therefore refused to support him in the war. But did Kumbhkarana and Meghnada know that they are on the side of ...
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Was Kumbhakarna a robot?

Indologist Nrisinghaprasad Bhaduri wrote in his book "Valmikir Ram o Ramayan" that it was told to Vanaras that Kumbhakarna was a "Yantra"(machine). However, he did not mention the ...
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How was Vajrajwala, Wife of gigantic Kumbhakaran in comparison to him? How did they live together?

Maharshi Valmiki in First Sarga, Uttarkand, Ramayan says that there was nothing as big as Kumbhakaran, and that he had two sons Kumbh and Nikumbh. Do we have any details about marriage of Kumbhakaran ...
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Why was Mother Saraswati so unfair with KumbhaKarna?

We all know the story that to stop KumbhaKarna from asking boon from Brahma, all Gods eulogized Saraswati to enter KumbhaKarna's mouth to ask- "I may sleep for years". And Mother Saraswati did it! ...
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What does Kumbhakarna signify?

Kumbhakarna rakshasa is the younger brother of Ravana in the famous Indian epic Ramayana. What does Kumbhakarna signify?
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What was Shri Rama's response after the death of Kumbhakarna and Ravana?

I remember watching in one of the versions of Ramayana on TV that Shri Rama praised Kumbhakarna as a great warrior after he was killed. Did Shri Rama respond in any manner to their deaths? If so, what ...
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What is the significance of the name Kumbhakarna?

Kumbhakarna was the brother of Ravana. What is the meaning of this name? Is there any significance behind this name? Wiki says it means pot-eared. By this logic, Karna was named after an ear. I find ...
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What is the story of KumbhaKarna's death?

This question on Baali mentions that the arrows used by Shri Rama used to kill Baali were also used to kill Kumbhakarna. Shri Rama used a 100 arrows and even those could not kill KumbhaKarna. What is ...
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What is the story behind Kumbhakarna's sleep?

I've heard a lot about the Sleep Lover, Kumbhakarna. Why was he sleeping for so many days continuously? Is there a story behind this?
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