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Questions about Kunti who was the wife of king Pandu and mother of Pandavas in Mahabharata

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Is there any text detailing Kunti's life?

I'm trying to find more information on Kunti's life. Specifically, these are the questions I'm trying to find answers for: What was she skilled in? What were the kinds of things she was exceptional ...
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Does the scriptures or eminent hindu acharyas, give any reasons as to why didn't Kunti invite the Trimurtis for begetting sons via Niyoga?

Since Kuntī got a boon from the legendary, Ṛṣi Durvāsa himself, I guess, noone would disrespect his boon thus would have descended down to beget Kuntī a son, as per her choice. So, why did Panḍu ...
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Karna and Krishna's conversation about Karna's birth

Krishna discussed Karna's birth with him when leaving Hastinapura; all the followers were asked to go back to the city and only Karna continued on Krishna's chariot. Interestingly this conversation ...
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Was Kunti right to beget a child from both father(Surya) and son(Yama)?

Namaskaram. I have a humble doubt regarding the relationship between Karna and Yuddhistra and Kunti and Surya and Yama. Surya and Yama are father and son respectively. So their sons through Kunti ...
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Does Kunti pray to Krishna to always give her troubles so that she would always remember him?

I remember this as folklore - does this occur in any scripture?
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