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Are there any rules for a Snataka?

Every ashram has its own rules and duties what are the duties of a Snataka?Just finding a job?
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How can I stop regretting about the mishappening in the world?

I am a student whose duty is to study but it worries me that I cannot contribute to betterment of world or society. Do our Hindu scriptures says anything about our duty towards world or society? Or ...
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Adharniya Vega and Brahmacharya

According to Charaka Samhita(Lesson 1- Chapter 7) Sorry about not being able to paste in text format but as you see, While Brahmcharya prohibits all sexual desires, Charaka Samhita seems to ...
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Do Deities in their Moola form have to make a living, like us?

Do they have to earn food, clothing and shelter? Or is it that their bodies are spiritual in nature and do not need these things? Avataras of course eat food, wear clothes and so forth.
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