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which traditions call god by derogatory terms to express love?

siva is called "pittan" or madman as a term of endearment in tamil. there is a famous double-meaning sentence to tie lemons and snakes together "pittan mudiyerum" = ascends to the head of a madman - ...
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Seeking for pleasure if there is no more love in Marriage

What should be done if there is no more love in marriage? Can a husband go out and seek pleasure?
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Why everyone give importance to one's own duties?

I heard that in Mahabharata ,not only Mahabharata in Ramayana too why do they sacrifice everything for their duties ?and why there is no importance to one's love?why everyone want to kill their ...
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example of bhakt relation/love to God/Goddess,where God/Goddess is the feminine beloved/premika

1) humans(not avatara) like Meera, Andal etc viewed God as husband/male beloved(premi) and worshipped/loved Him as such. 2) as per this link
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What does Hinduism say about romantic love between man and woman?

What does Hinduism say about romantic love between man and woman ? Is it some illusion(maya) or Is it divine ? Even Vishnu , Shiva and Krishna have spouses and romance certainly exists between them. ...
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Does Our Love For Dying Animal/Person Help Them With Death & Rebirth

Do our Hindu texts say whether our huge amount of love for a dying person or animal can have any kind of good or helpful effect on their death and rebirth ? So before they’re dying we’re thinking of ...
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Is consensual incest between a brother and sister wrong (sinful)?

According to Hinduism. Is consensual incest between a brother and sister allowed? For example let's say the siblings are of same age, they love eachother romantically, and wish to be together. Is this ...
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