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Unholy literature and media, what our scripture says

I want to know what scripture says on unholy sources of entertainment like a film promoting alcohol, smoking, or literature magazine promoting sexualization. What do scripture recommend us?
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Question about thoughts and actions

Parashara Smriti's Chapter 1 verse 26 " In the satyug, sin is incurred by one who converses (with a sinner) ; in the Treta by one who touches (the sinful man) ; in the Dvapara by taking the ...
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Nightfall and Janeau

Will I have to change my Janeau after a nightfall? I'm a teenager and you know almost every teen masturbates, I masturbated too but I have controlled it after my upanayanam. It's been 27 days. Whoever ...
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Is it wrong to hug a friend of the opposite gender?

I was listening to a katha and the katha vachak said that in our shastras, it is forbidden even to touch a female wooden toy. In which shastra is it mentioned that you shouldn't touch/hug females? ...
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How does Hinduism explain sudden sexual desire between a man and a woman from the perspective of chakras?

Aside from hormones, I recall feeling extreme lust for a specific girl. It did not happen with other girls; I even felt the lower chakra swadhistanas working. How does Hinduism explain this from an '...
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Are repeated sins forgiven or not

If a person repeats a sin maybe 30 to 75 times.Would he /she be forgiven or not? [Sin is one disrespects his teachers, parents,society and even god .Also ,indulging in few wrong acts like abusing,...
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What are the punishments for evoking lust in another person?

What are the punishments given to a man/woman (mostly woman) who creates lustful feelings to the opposite sex by showing skin / private parts and blabber. Any references from scriptures like Garuda ...