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document written by hand from past

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Which recension of Mahābhārata did K M Ganguli use for his translation?

A lot of answers and questions on this site use the translation of Mahābhārata that's freely available at This translation was done by Kisari Mohan Ganguli (a.k.a K M Ganguli) over ...
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Details on the Original Upāṅga viz. Dharmaśāstra of Prajāpati Manu and the abridged one by Sumati

Understanding Scriptures - Part 1 Summary: through this question I would like to gain as much insight as possible about the original Dharmashastra of Manu containing 1,00,000 verses and also try to ...
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Can I do nimajjan or immersion of a shiva lingam in the sea or a lake?

I wanted to know if we can do nimmajan of shiva linga in the ocean or a lake as we are unable to do abhisheka owing to personal reasons(Sutakam). Also the shiva linga might be slightly damaged.
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Who was the author of the Manusmriti?

Who was the author of the Manusmriti? Now many of you might say "Manu", but it's actually not quite clear from the text itself. First of all, the word "Manusmriti" means "recollection of Manu", ...
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Since the existence of many universes is said to be valid and true, are there different trimurtis for each universe

I have read that there are multiple brahmas; One each for a universe. Also heard that there are multiple vishnus too. So does that mean there are multiple shivas as well? P.s :I know that the concept ...
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Where can I find some forgotten inventions of our Vedic Era?

I recently watched Sadhguru's video on youtube ( where he said that Pushpak Viman(aeroplanes) was already built by us in Vedic Era. I am aware that our ...
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2 votes
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What is kedar-kalpa?

Here it says - The Kedar-Kalpa is a relatively little-known Shaiva text; What is the origin or source of this text, and what all information is available about it? Any extant manuscript? Is it some ...
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What is the significance of HRAAM beej mantra

What is the significance of hraam beej mantra and which god or goddess is the beeja related to?
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